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Tips to Remember While Designing Car Stickers 

Vehicles are undoubtedly a great advertising medium due to their capability of moving from one place to another. This is why many business owners pay close attention when using vehicles as their promotional tools. When you print a sticker and place it on the windows or other parts of your vehicle, you will be able to spread a brand message while also improving the overall brand awareness of your company. Apart from that, the car stickers are extremely cost-effective and easy to print. Not to mention, you won’t face any problem applying the car stickers too. This makes car stickers one of the most effective marketing tools. Many small and large businesses use the car stickers for years and consider them as the primary promotional method of their marketing campaign. 

As there are so many drivers and passers-by on the road, it’s impossible not to notice the car stickers. However, if you want to capture their attention using the car stickers; you need to ensure that the stickers look eye-catching and attractive. Here are some key tips you need to remember to design effective car stickers. 

Choose Eye-Soothing Colors 

When designing custom car stickers, make sure you pay close attention while choosing the colors. Some colors patterns will showcase great results, but some will prove ineffective at capturing the attention of the passers-by and drivers. Generally, it’s a good idea to use two or three colors in the design process of the car stickers. Remember that your primary goal of using the car stickers is to promote brand awareness as well as the visibility of your business offerings. Keeping this in mind, you can easily draw the attention of potential audiences through bright colors. You can also use a light-colored background with dark-colored texts. Make sure you maintain consistency while using the brand colors that are present in the other promotional methods of your business. 

Use a Catchy Slogan 

The business slogan is one of the most important things you want the audience to notice. Therefore, make sure you print the business slogan on your car stickers. This will help you sharpen your promotional campaign. If you don’t have any slogan, you need to consider creating one before you start car sticker designing. While creating a slogan for the products, services, or business, make sure it can complement your brand image. This way your audiences will be able to remember the slogan properly. Keep the slogan simple and short while also considering the unique selling point of your company. Use words that will generate a positive impression. As per LinkedIn, slogans are crucial when it comes to advertising

Use Humor

A joke or humorous content on your car stickers will help you capture the attention of the audience quickly. Therefore, you need to showcase your sense of humor while designing the car stickers, which will help you, stand apart from the crowd. Not to mention, witty car stickers will make your brand more approachable. The positive emotions in your car stickers will motivate the customers to build engagement with your company. 

However, make sure you choose your words wisely. Offensive words will create a bad impression of your business. 


These are the tips you need to remember while designing car stickers. If you have any other questions, consider commenting below to let us know. 

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