blogThe Best Cooking Shows To Channel Your Inner Chef

The Best Cooking Shows To Channel Your Inner Chef

There are two kinds of people out there: Those that eat to live and those that live to eat! It sounds absurd, but there must be at least one person that came to your mind that is in the ‘live to eat’ category. Maybe a foodie friend, a baker relative, or even your sibling who aspires to be a chef, instead of a doctor or a pilot. Maybe you are that very person!

Well, whichever the case, this blog is all about the best cooking shows you can watch to channel your inner chef! The one thing about cooking shows that most people can agree on is that they are comforting to watch. Even if you don’t dream of being a chef or a baker, you can still enjoy a good cooking show. 

Now, the question is, where is the best place to find a ton of cooking shows to watch? The TV, of course! Thanks to those dedicated cooking channels like Food Network and Cooking Channel, you can choose from a variety of shows and never run out of cooking shows to watch! The only thing you need to do is to get a cable TV connection, like TDS TV, and check the channel lineup for the channels you want.

Here are some of the best cooking shows that you can enjoy to channel your inner chef in 2022. Let’s take a look!

1. Beat Bobby Flay

Beat Bobby Flay is a cooking show that you can watch on Food Network. The host of the show, Bobby Flay, is a talented celebrity chef who gives other chefs a chance to compete with him. Every episode, there is a competition between two culinary experts, of which the winner will proceed to the next round and compete with Bobby Flay. 

So far, there are 31 seasons of this show and 393 episodes. It’s safe to say that you won’t run out of episodes to watch for this show anytime soon!

2. Guy’s Grocery Games

Guy’s Grocery Games is a reality cooking show that you can watch on Food Network. It is also referred to as Triple G in some instances. The show is hosted by Guy Fieri, and it features four chefs per episode, that compete with each other to make it out on top. There is a three-round elimination process through which the winner is decided upon.

Guy poses different challenges for the chefs like particular ingredients’ restrictions, games like drawings, or hints of the ingredient they must use on that day to make their dishes. Games and stuff like this really bring more entertainment to the already-intense show!

3. Cake Boss

Cake Boss is an American reality TV series that was originally available on TLC but has since moved to Discovery Family. This show is not like a game show, but rather it focuses on Carlo’s Bake Shop, which is a family-run business by Buddy Valastro, Lisa Valastro, Maddalena Castano, Grace Faugno, and Mary Sciarrone. 

In the show, we get to see, not only the various cake projects that Buddy receives and works on but also the relationship between the family and the employees working at the store.

The show is nine seasons and 247 episodes long. This show has spawned four similar spin-offs as well titled, Next Great Baker, Kitchen Boss, Bake You Rich, and Bakery Boss.

4. MasterChef Junior

MasterChef Junior is an American cooking show that is available on Fox. It is based on and is just like its parent show, MasterChef. Children of ages 8 to 13 compete against each other to take home the best young chef title. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey along with Aaron Sanchez and Christina Tosi, now replaced by Daphne Oz, are the judges of the competition. 

The show is 8 seasons long with 95 episodes. Since the format of the show is based on their parent show, you can count on seeing challenges like Skills Test, Mystery Box, Team Challenge, Elimination Test, Pressure Test, and more. 

5. Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is an American reality show that is available on Netflix. The show is hosted by Hunter March and the judges include Candace Nelson, Adriano Zumbo, and a different guest judge every episode. Four teams of two compete against each other to be the last ones standing and take home the prize of $10,000. There are a total of three rounds, the first for cupcakes, the second for confections, and the third for cake.

The show is three seasons, two Christmas special seasons, and 32 episodes long. For anyone who absolutely loves sweets and all things cake, this show is a must-watch! 

6. Hell’s Kitchen

“What? A list of cooking shows without any mention of Gordon Ramsey? That’s absurd!” Well, not this list, that’s for sure! We’ve reached the sixth show in this list already and Gordon Ramsey has been mentioned twice now. Because how could we not? Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen just had to make the list. It is an American cooking show that is available on Fox.

The show has a British version with the same name as well. Every season, two teams of chefs compete against each other to able to get a job at a restaurant and satisfy Ramsey’s standards and demands. From around 20 people at the beginning of each season, there is only one chef that makes it to the end of the season. The show is 20 seasons and 314 episodes long

Honorable Mentions

Sadly, while we could go on and on about some of the most exciting cooking shows you can find on the TV and internet, there isn’t enough space or time to do so. And even if we did, you wouldn’t be able to read it all! The list would just seem to go on forever! So, here, we have mentioned some of the shows that also deserve a watch, if you’re done with the ones mentioned above. 

  • Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
  • Nailed It!
  • Top Chef
  • Food Revolution
  • Selena + Chef
  • The Great British Baking Show

As for where you can find them, just check in one of the cooking channels or search it up on the internet and you can even watch it there if you can find it. Be sure to select the right internet and TV plan, just so you don’t suffer slow internet or lag. TDS Telecom is one place you should definitely be looking at for a good internet plan.

To Bring Things to a Close,

We hope this article quenched your thirst for good cooking shows. And if it didn’t, maybe you could put your newly-found or now-upgraded cooking skills to use and whip up something up in the kitchen! Who knows? You might just discover a hidden talent for making something super delicious! 

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