EducationTeaching Elementary School Students

Teaching Elementary School Students

Teaching is already a tough job which seems easy to others but only a teacher knows how much preparation he/she has to do in order to have a presentation for the students in a classroom. Teaching students of elementary schools becomes a challenging task for the teachers, because students of elementary schools are of very tender age and they have a lot of questions and curiosity to ask about. They keep on asking and to handle this continuous fire of questions need a lot of patience and skills to handle. Kids of elementary school need a special way of teaching through which they can impart their creativity learning from daily creative activities designed by teachers. Such teachers take special training to teach students and kids from kindergarten to 5th grade. In elementary schools teachers have to create an inclusive learning environment in the class so that students enjoy imparting knowledge in the classroom.  To teach adults or teen students is very easy, they grab the study material easily, they understand easily and if they are suggested they learn by themselves also like today online teaching is very popular and through online teaching teachers are teaching students or all courses worldwide. But this same method is not very applicable for elementary students because they are blank and they need proper interaction face-to-face so as to understand those things which they are unaware of. Teachers of elementary schools have to go through many other important tasks along with teaching these cute kids such as coordinating with school staff and administrators, as well as parents of the kids.

An elementary school has to attain several qualities like flexibility, compassion, control over anxiety and stress, patience, resilience; good communication skills so that kids can enjoy learning, and should have knowledge of different learning styles according to the age of students and positive attitude towards teaching these kids. Teachers of elementary schools should have basic knowledge of various basic subjects like Science, Math, English, and Hindi & Drawing etc. & should have good spoken abilities along with vast vocabulary. 

Methods to Make Teaching Interesting in Elementary Schools:

  • Teachers must understand that consistency is the key factor of effective teaching. A good teacher is a reliable resource present in the student’s life. Students believe that parents can answer their questions or not. That can be doubtful but the teacher knows everything so he/she may definitely solve the problem. So it is necessary that teachers should maintain this belief of students to a maximum extent and should be present there to address each and every query in detail.
  • This age of kids in elementary schools is a very tender age and whatever is taught to them in this age, they remember their whole life. That is why it is said that this is the very age of students to induce discipline in their life. For this it is necessary that teachers should make some basic rules which they need to make the students understand in a very loving and explainable way so that kids of this age can also understand the necessity of these rules. In order to make them follow such rules, keep the environment light instead of being robust and paste these rules on walls of the classroom with pictures of flowers and cartoons so that kids may follow them easily.
  • Don’t try to be in charge of class instead an elementary school teacher should try to mingle with kids and be one of them. Kids should laugh, jump and enjoy the class of the teacher and learn while singing, dancing and being happy each and every minute in the class.
  • Always keep the flow of communication with the kids regular and widened so that kids may not feel shy and may not hesitate while learning in the class because if they hesitate then they won’t ask their queries and come what may without curiosity no one can teach kids of this age.
  • Talk to the students as much as you can as a teacher and try to figure out what they think and want in their class and teaching. Try to find out how they want to be taught. This will help you to be their favorite. 
  • Turn the boring environment of the class into ultimate fun. Tell the stories to the kids in interesting ways with some awesome sounds and mimicry like cartoon characters, make them roll in laughter and let them learn poems by singing and dancing.

 All the above strategies if applied properly then can make the learning in elementary school very interesting.

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