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So You’ve Bought planting quotes … Now What?

I’m going to start a new series on planting quotes. I am interested in learning how to make a quote-making habit. I’m curious as to how to learn to read people effectively. I think that the quote-making habit is one of the easiest habits to develop and stick with. It’s similar to how you can learn how to drive a stick shift car. It’s what we do all day long.

The quote-making habit is a lot like driving a stick shift car. You don’t have to think really hard about it, it just happens so easily.

We’ve all had a time where we just had a really bad quote to share with someone. Most of us can’t even remember what we said, but we can tell you exactly what we said because we can remember exactly the context in which we said it. We also get a lot of free stuff from it. I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone on the planet has experienced at least one bad quote at some point in their life.

The bad ones are usually a reflection of the person who wrote the bad thing. I think we all have them. One of the most recent bad quotes I had is from a high school friend of mine. We were sitting outside at a picnic table, and he had this amazing quote for me that he thought I would be interested in reading. I said, “You really know my name.” He said, “Oh I do, I know your name alright. I know you.

And I was like, Really? I didn’t know you? And he said, Well, actually yes, I do know your name. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you your name. I was just trying to be a dick.

I think the quote you are thinking of is from a guy named Eric who worked at a big company and he said, I love this quote at school. My name is Erica. And I was like, This is my name? And he was like, Oh yes, you are. I mean, I could have just said Erica.

Oh and also, I should remind you that this is the website of a real person. He’s the son of a real man, and he’s not trying to be a dick. His name is Eric.

I have a feeling you’re about to hear the best quote about planting quotes.

If you are a dick, you probably shouldnt be planting quotes.

Eric is a dick because he is planting quotes. He’s really good at it. And he’s not trying to be a dick because he is.

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