BusinessKuCoin broker Exchange

KuCoin broker Exchange

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and spots, margins, futures, and margins. There are many cryptocurrencies on the exchange’s list, including Bitcoin, Ethereum price prediction. The crypto exchange has a user-friendly trading platform. There is a mobile and a web version available for Android and iOS. Basic analytics, charts, indicators, and other information are available in the terminal. The site also offers a unique contest called “Futures Battle”, which is a payment for referrals.

KuCoin’s advantages:

  • The exchange features the most widely used cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • There are three options for trading cryptocurrency: spot, margin, futures, and exchange.
  • Professional version: leverage up to 100
  • large trading volumes;
  • A detailed guide for crypto traders novices;
  • The trading volume affects the adaptive calculation of the commission.
  • You can also place your token on the Exchange.

KuCoin’s disadvantages:

  • Crypto exchange’s inadequacy in localization
  • Manufacture of insufficient investment programs.

KuCoin’s affiliate program

KuCoin broker offers an affiliate program. Each user will receive a personal referral link after registering. This link can be used to send other people to KuCoin or published in open source.

Refer a friend to get 20% off all transactions.

This condition remains in effect for 12 months from the date of registration. The user is no longer considered your referral after this time.If you place a referral link on a blog, an additional bonus is possible. This will allow you to receive up to 50% on all referral transactions.

All users cannot have the blog referral link option. You will need to apply for this option individually. If the KuCoin administration determines that your blog/public/channel activity is not sufficient, it may be denied.

KuCoin users can trade conditions

KuCoin is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges. Financial experts have noted that it is similar to Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. This has helped KuCoin attract the attention of many crypto traders around the world, who have seen significant trading volumes and the development of the platform.

KuCoin Commissions & Fees

Fees for the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange are determined by the account fee level. As the trading volume (or activity) increases, the fee level will increase. Your taker commission for trading less than 100 BTC per day is 0.022%. The taker commission drops to 0.015% if you trade more than 100 BTC. The maker also receives commissions. These commissions can also be applied to futures and spots.

The site has withdrawal limits. These are determined by your trading level. Deposits and withdrawals are subject to fees the indicators for each token and cryptocurrency differ. DASH has a withdrawal fee of 0.002 DASH and a minimum deposit of 0.004 DASH.

Kucoin: How safe is it to use?

Kucoin can be used safely. Kucoin does not hold funds for customers, unlike other exchanges such as and Coinbase. Users can deposit their cryptocurrency, and withdraw it whenever they wish. There is a high chance of your funds being safe if you trade on Kucoin. It is also easier to verify transaction authenticity as you have direct control over your private key and do not rely on Kucoin to store it.

Second, Kucoin does not have a central exchange. Kucoin’s platform uses NEO, a decentralized exchange, instead of Coinbase where all trades take place on their servers. The decentralized exchange NEO makes trading easier by eliminating middlemen and charging additional fees to sellers and buyers. NEO Blockchain technology was specifically designed to speed up transactions and not compromise security, like other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

Third, Kucoin is working to make Kucoin an open-source platform that offers transparency. It has its source code available publicly on GitHub for anyone who wants to review it. Customers will feel more confident in the platform’s operation and can verify that there are no vulnerabilities or malicious code.


KuCoin offers traders a wide range of cryptocurrency trading tools. There are all major tokens and cryptocurrencies available. You have access to large leverage and a convenient trading terminal. There are also regular promotions and contests. The fees are lower than average for this segmenting. This promising platform is regarded by experts as one of the leaders in global crypto trading. Compare the trading conditions and commissions for the KuCoin or Finance crypto exchanges.

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