GiftsJamai Sasthi Bengali Date 2024: Celebrating Son-in-law with Tradition.

Jamai Sasthi Bengali Date 2024: Celebrating Son-in-law with Tradition.


Jamai Sasthi is a traditional Bengali festival celebrated to honor and celebrate the relationship between a son-in-law and his in-laws. This auspicious occasion falls on the sixth day (Sasthi) of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of the moon) in the Bengali month of Jyeshtha. In 2024, Jamai Sasthi will be celebrated on 15th June according to the Bengali calendar.

Significance of Jamai Sasthi

Jamai Sasthi holds great significance in Bengali culture as it emphasizes the importance of family ties and the bond between a son-in-law and his in-laws. It is a day when mothers-in-law prepare elaborate feasts and honor their son-in-laws with special gifts and blessings. The festival is a symbol of love, respect, and appreciation for the son-in-law who is considered a cherished member of the family.

Traditional Rituals and Customs

On Jamai Sasthi, the mother-in-law performs puja and arti for her son-in-law, applying tilak on his forehead and adorning him with a dhoti. The son-in-law is then served a sumptuous meal known as the Jamai Bhog, which typically includes a variety of Bengali delicacies such as fish curry, rice, sweets like rosogolla and sandesh, and other traditional dishes. The son-in-law is also presented with gifts such as clothing, watches, or accessories as a token of love and appreciation.

Celebrations and Festivities

Jamai Sasthi is a joyous occasion filled with festivities, music, and merriment. Families come together to celebrate the bond between the son-in-law and his in-laws, exchanging gifts and sharing laughter. It is a time for reunion and togetherness as relatives gather to partake in the festivities and enjoy the traditional Bengali feast.

Modern Adaptations and Innovations

While the essence of Jamai Sasthi remains rooted in tradition and culture, modern adaptations have brought about contemporary gift-giving practices and celebratory events. Some families organize themed parties or outings to celebrate Jamai Sasthi, adding a touch of fun and creativity to the traditional festivities.


1. What is the significance of Jamai Sasthi in Bengali culture?
Jamai Sasthi is a festival that celebrates the relationship between a son-in-law and his in-laws, emphasizing the importance of family ties and mutual respect.

2. When is Jamai Sasthi celebrated in 2024?
Jamai Sasthi in 2024 falls on 15th June according to the Bengali calendar.

3. What are some traditional rituals observed on Jamai Sasthi?
Traditional rituals on Jamai Sasthi include puja, aarti, applying tilak, adorning the son-in-law with a dhoti, and serving him a special meal known as Jamai Bhog.

4. What kind of food is typically served during Jamai Bhog?
Jamai Bhog usually consists of Bengali delicacies such as fish curry, rice, sweets like rosogolla and sandesh, and other traditional dishes.

5. How do families celebrate Jamai Sasthi?
Families celebrate Jamai Sasthi by coming together for a festive meal, exchanging gifts, and enjoying music and merriment in honor of the son-in-law.

6. Are there any modern adaptations to the traditional Jamai Sasthi celebrations?
Yes, modern adaptations may include themed parties, outings, or innovative gift-giving practices to add a contemporary flair to the traditional festivities.


Jamai Sasthi is a special occasion that highlights the bond of love and respect between a son-in-law and his in-laws in Bengali culture. By honoring this relationship with traditional rituals, sumptuous feasts, and joyful celebrations, the festival upholds the values of family unity and togetherness. Whether observing age-old customs or embracing modern innovations, Jamai Sasthi continues to be a cherished tradition that strengthens familial ties and fosters harmony and affection among loved ones.

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