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15 Hilarious Videos About how to dry flower petals

how to dry flower petals

If you have never had to dry your flower petals, you may be thinking that it’s too much work. Maybe you’re right, but we’re going to show you how to make it a snap with these easy tips.

The best way to dry your petals is to leave them on the window sill for a few days, so the petals have air circulating around them. You can also place them in a warm spot in the window or on top of a radiator for a few hours. To save you the hassle, you can use a flower dryer to speed things up.

The dryer has two small, round, metal blades that rotate. Put the petal-drying fan in the box, and turn the fan on to speed up the drying process. Once the petals are dry, hang them up to dry.

After getting all the petals dry, place them on a flat surface to dry more evenly. Just make sure you don’t over-dry them, or they will look wily.

As you dry the petals, you can spread the flowers out on a kitchen counter or something to set them into a pattern that you want. If you have any trouble, check out this video that shows me how to do this.

If you do get stuck, you can always use a fan. Also, if you want to be sure that the flowers are even dry, you can always try putting a bowl on top of the fan, and turning the fan on a bit more slowly.

For an alternative (and less expensive) method to dry petals, a fan works great. Just make sure you use a fan that makes a constant noise. If that doesn’t work, just place a bowl of your dried petals on the fan, and turn the fan on a bit slower than you would a fan on a kitchen counter.

So it’s the fan or the bowl that you need. I’ve been doing this myself for a day or two now, and it’s no joke. I’m very impressed with my efforts. I’ve managed to dry a bunch of flower petals from my flower garden in just a few days, and it’s not like I’m a master at this.

One of the other things that makes using a fan for drying flowers so much easier is that you can set it up on your patio or deck and use it to blow air over the petals. This helps the petals to dry more quickly, so they don’t stick to the fans and get covered in dried petals. And your patio or deck is already the perfect place for a fan.

It’s pretty easy to do. Just place the fan on the patio or deck near the flower, and then spray the flower with a nice amount of water. Once you’ve got the petals on the fan, you just need to set the timer. The longer the fan is on, the more of the petals will dry, and the faster the next one will dry. Im really happy that I did this, because it’s the last thing I need before summer.

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