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15 Secretly Funny People Working in easter flower

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Instagram and saw these two women sharing the same picture. They both had the same caption.

I mean, they were both the same image, but they were two different people, two completely different women. I immediately thought of the word “apartment”.

The word is the fourth root word in our English language. Apartment is the most common one, so it’s no surprise that people often use it as a title.

Apartment is a very common term. It’s so common that some people use it as a way to refer to any type of dwelling. For example, a “apartment” is a home, a house, or a dwelling.

I like to think that some people just use this term because they’re used to it and they’re looking for a place to live. I don’t think this is really true. I think that this term is often used because it’s catchy and also because people who live in apartments have a tendency to refer to themselves as “apartments.” In fact, in the first sentence of this article, we mentioned that the term was created by a woman named Rosalie O’Brien.

When we say that someone lives in an apartment, we are implying that they live in an apartment. However, when we say that someone lives in a house, we mean that they live in a house. The apartment connotations are often used to describe places where people live, not places where people live. So this woman created the term apartment because she thought people lived in apartments.

Rosalie OBrien was a pseudonym, but it still counts. We may not know who Rosalie OBrien is, but her name lives on in the term apartment. You may not know who Rosalie OBrien is, but her name lives on in the term house.

This is a common misconception that has popped up in the past few years, but when you live in a house, it’s just as real as when you live in a apartment. So if you think that you live in a house, it’s just as real as when you live in an apartment.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the term “apartment.” People often think they live in an apartment, but that isn’t what they’re living in. The term “apartment” is used to refer to one type of housing unit that is usually rented. However, there are other types of housing units that can also be called apartments.

There are many different kinds of housing units that can be called “apartments” but the most commonly used one is the residential building. The term apartment is used to refer to a housing unit that is only available to residents of the building. This can be a single-family home or even a duplex. A residential building is also often a townhouse. This type of housing unit is usually rented by owner-occupier tenants.

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