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Apps In The Offline System

The online education system has flooded the online space with education apps of all kinds. This system of education that has been continuously in effect for the last two years, had opened the doors for new software, apps and websites to emerge and offer features and tools to enhance the experience of the online education system. Two years ago, not many education apps existed on the internet and only a few educational institutions used websites or apps to manage their everyday tasks. LMSs or learning management systems were rarely used by educational institutions. Online learning was considered a vague concept and only the students who were enrolled in distance learning courses or the people who were already working and needed to learn more used certain online tools to facilitate their learning process. Electronic gadgets, especially the smartphones, were considered to be distractive for the students and were kept away when the students were devoting time to self-study and carrying electronic devices to the classrooms was not even allowed in maximum educational institutions. The online system of education changed a lot. In the last two years, we have looked at technology and the internet changing the face of education for the better. While this system was put in place to ensure that classes could run smoothly and in a safe way during the unsafe and uncertain times of a pandemic, the system helped in developing the education system and making it better than ever. Currently, orders have been passed to reopen schools, colleges and all other educational institutions across the country for the students of all age groups. While the students and teachers have eagerly waited to get back to their classes, they also became very familiar with and used to the online system of education and the benefits that it offered. 

India’s education system is regarded as one of the best education systems in the world. The use of technology and availability and accessibility of the internet throughout the country also made India’s online education system one of the best systems in the world. The use of technology and online teaching tools enhanced the system of education. The online education system was one of the systems of education that were highly flexible and inclusive and also offered more options and choices than any other system. This system worked towards making the tasks of the teachers, students and also the other members of an educational institution more convenient. This system of education digitalised the tedious tasks and allowed everyone to focus more and devote more time to the more important tasks. 

In the online education system, there was at least one app, a mobile app or a desktop app or both for every activity related to education. Most of the processes related to education could be completed from start to end using a single app. If not, there was a set of apps that could be used together to ensure the completion of those tasks. This system of education was widely based on the use of apps and websites to make sure that there was no break and teaching and learning took place smoothly even in the online mode. You could easily find apps for conducting classes, apps that resembled the offline traditional classrooms, apps for teaching and apps for learning, apps for making content that would be informative and interesting for the students and also apps for conducting exams or any other type of activity to monitor the progress of students. While all these apps existed to make the experience of everyone better many people are wondering what will become of these apps once the offline system of education resumes. 

The apps that were used in the online education system helped in solving the little problems that always existed in the offline education system. Once the offline system resumes, these apps will support the offline system and their features will be used to simplify the job of the teachers and the students. For example, the mobile teacher app could be used by the teachers to make content for delivery during the classes or share the course material with students so they do not have to spend time copying the work from a whiteboard during the class and can easily revise back at home.

Similarly, different types of apps can be used to facilitate better functioning of different activities even in the offline system. 

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