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4 Mistakes That You Must Avoid To Design The Appropriate Graphics For The car stickers

People say that marketing is everything for a business these days. And the statement is completely true. While discussing the various ways of branding, one option is to use the existing vehicles and attach the business-related stickers and wraps on these vehicles. There is no better marketing strategy than this one in terms of cost and effectiveness.

However, you have to put in lots of thought and creativity to make the designs to represent the brand appropriately. Otherwise, you may end up gaining nothing from the promotional campaign. The following post is about how to avoid common mistakes and utilize the stickers better for marketing.

Mistake #1: Don’t use low-quality materials

Any business owner will always have the temptation to skimp on the materials to save some money. Unfortunately, the compromise will show on the finished product. When you use a low-quality material, it will sacrifice the overall result of the wrap. Even if you don’t notice anything right away, there will likely be signs of wear and tear appearing soon. 

Mistake #2: Choice of inappropriate dimensions

A very important step is to choose the appropriate container measurement for the stickers. Suppose you are not strict about the dimensions of the vehicle. You will end up designing a sticker that won’t fit the vehicle. 

  • The size and shape of the container will help in determining the best cutting die options for the stickers. 
  • Customized stickers that are too big or too small will affect the brand’s visibility. 

You may end up spending twice to make the same stickers.

Mistake #3: Incorrect installation

It is evident that you want to save money by trying to install the car wrap yourself instead of paying the professional installers. However, you can’t deny that experience is necessary to install the car stickers flawlessly. Without the help from a professional, you risk several factors like

  • Quality of the wrap
  • Damaging the print

And more. If you have never installed a wrap on the vehicle before, there is a good chance that you will be excited to do the job all by yourself, only to destroy the sticker beyond repair because it is not a straightforward task. If you want the perfect execution of the work, leave it to the professionals. 

Mistake #4: Unreadable font size

Always remember that the font style or size that looks great from a close distance won’t appear the same on a car wrap or the sticker. Choosing an unreadable font is a common mistake, leading to a hindrance in marketing the brand. 

Think about how the people around will view the vehicle. These people will likely be on the footpath or driving past a car. So all they get is a couple of seconds or less to understand what you are trying to convey through the sticker. The stylish fonts or small-size fonts will never do justice to the branding concept. 

Avoid the mistakes

As you know, what are the possible mistakes that can affect the promotional tone of the stickers? It’s the best option to avoid them consciously. 

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